Album Review... The Maccabees - Given To The Wild

Only last year that Faris Badwan said that there is no need to compromise to be one of the top 10 albums. The Maccabees haven't compromised either, yet their album is set to do bigger and better things versus The Horrors effort. While The Horrors peaked at #5, The Maccabees are set to romp to the top of the chart. This has been hyped as the most defining album for Indie lovers for the whole of 2012, I'm not too sure, but so far this sounds like it'll be on my iPod for a while!

The start to the album has a very gentle warm sound to it, the trumpets and soothing bass on 'Child' really compliments the opening interlude. With the track gaining pace towards the end this'll be on their set-lists for the rest of their careers, the riff is simply sublime and technical! 'Feel To Follow' is another outstanding track on the record, along with 'Pelican' and 'Went Away' these three tracks seem to be at the peak of The Maccabees music career so far. 'Pelican' has such a drive from the start of the track to the end, without a second to breathe you'll be going mad to this at the festivals for sure. There isn't a single track that is below a 8/10 rating for me, but with too much to write I'll just tell you that 'Pelican' is a definite to buy when it becomes available as a single, it'll sound even sexier on vinyl! I have been overwhelmed with this album as I wouldn't normally be dabbling in The Maccabees, I've seen them live before and everyone has said they're worth it, but from now on I am a fan. This album is one of the top albums of 2012

The Maccabees - Given To The Wild
Out of 10: 9/10