Biffy Clyro to release two albums in 2012

Biffy Clyro frontman Simon Neil has hinted to his fans that there may be two albums in 2012, more specifically a 'double-album'. The band last year released yet another compilation album, but this time round it was the B-Sides from the singles that were taken from 'Only Revolutions', it was called 'Lonely Revolutions'.

Back to the current, Talking to Q magazine, frontman Simon Neil said:
"We're going to make a double album, so the intention is to do most of the recording in LA and then do more of it elsewhere. We're going over the top as we can. It's an album about a fork in the road and how your decisions can take you on one path or the other. One path is the right decisions and one path is the wrong decisions - and each album's going to represent each path."
He has also said that so far they've laid down 30 demos, so it is more than feasible that this will indeed happen later on this year.

Mountains by Biffy Clyro