Gig Review... Various Cruelties @ King Tuts, Glasgow, 21st January 2012

You can often feel a real of anticipation amongst a crowd at the gig of a rising band like Various Cruelties but it's clear to see the bands themselves are excited to be back in Glasgow playing the legendary King Tuts Wah Wah Hut with singer Liam O'Donnell telling the crowd how much they've been looking forward to this particular show.

But before they take to the stage local indie band Huevo And The Giant play a chirpy half hour set. It's clear they've roped in a lot of their friends to watch but the neutrals among the crowd are soon won over by their blend of cheery tunes with 'Wings (We Are The Kids)' being a particular highlight. I'll be sure to check them out again.

But as enjoyable as they were, Various Cruelties are a level up. They don't waste any time getting started, kicking off with the up-tempo 'Neon Truth' getting the crowd moving right away. If this wasn't enough new single 'Great Unknown' is up next as the band get into their stride. Across their forty five minute set they entice us in with their soul-tinted indie. With Etta James having passed away yesterday, the band dedicate 'She Is The One' to the former soul legend. They seem to have upped their game musically from their earlier releases with tracks such as 'Don't Want To Waste Your Time' sounding bigger than its ever sounded before with a beefed up beat behind it. Playing twelve songs, it would appear they may have premièred their whole album, and if so it looks like it's going to be a great début album!

With chanting for bassist Beanie throughout the show, the band take their leave after new song 'Beautiful Delirium' winds its way into their fans' ears. They're only off of the stage for a matter of seconds though before storming back on to finish with their biggest hit 'Chemicals', drawing a huge sing-along and sending fans and band alike home happy.

Various Cruelties played:

Neon Truth
Great Unknown
If It Wasn't For You
Magnetic Fields
Cold As You
Thrill Is Gone
Dry Your Tears
She Is The One
Don't Want To Waste Your Time
Beautiful Delirium



Written by - Neil Shaw