Interview... with Dive Bella Dive

Having them as our 'Track of the week' all this week, we thought it would be fit to interview them and gain an insight into their world that is, Dive Bella Dive. We chatted to Barnaby (Lead Vocals) and asked how it was recording their album and how they got signed to Island Records.

You literally BURST onto the scene only a few months ago, and after playing your first show I thought you were amazing, how was it playing your first show as 'Dive Bella Dive'?
To play for the first time after three years of no gigs was INCREDIBLE! There was such a tangible atmosphere at the Guild Hall. I don't know why but people were simply excited to be there before anyone really played. The nice thing about working with the guys in Dive Bella Dive is, you don't ever have to give them a kick up the arse. Whenever I look over my shoulder they're always thrashing about like there's no tomorrow. Combine that with the insane energy of the crowd we played to and you have one crazy party. I loved every second of it!

Right after that the fans were already going mental for you guys, how has the 'stardom' felt for you guys?
I was actually really taken aback! I had to go upstairs and hide for a full 15 mins before I could come to terms with what was happening! Although the other guys just dove straight in without a second thought! I'm so grateful to all the people who came. They really did make that day for me.

I already knew about Dans old 'solo' band after seeing him play on Channel 4 years go, how did you guys meet?
I met Dan on a show called Orange Unsigned Act. I was in a band on the brink of civil war and he was a friendly face I could hang with back stage when tensions rose. During the penultimate round, I split up with my band and that's when Dan and I decided to work together. We found Sam on Facebook. Loved his music, his fashion and his passion for all things Pokèmon. As for Ben, we stole him from another band...shhhh!

You guys have signed to the record label 'Island Records', congratulations, how did that come about?
Just luck! We went to a lot of labels but Island were the only guys who really understood what we were going for. In fact, none of the demos we showed them are going on the album. We're very fortunate that they had faith in our ability to improve.

Also I hear you have been meeting established names such as Snoop Dogg and RedOne, are you going to be collaborating with any of them in the near future?
We're actually doing the whole album with Red One. I can't even begin to describe that guy! He's full of energy, charisma, basically the physical embodiment of all things positive. Working with him is a lot of fun. Snoop isn't on the books right now but he's more than welcome if he wants to stop by! haha

One final question, I really do love your song 'Spend The Night...', you had such energy when playing it live, will we be hearing any new recorded material soon?
We're ALWAYS trying to weasel our material onto the internet! There are a lot of tracks to come. We're just trying to hold out until we get them recorded properly. Everything so far is a home demo.
My thanks go to Barnaby for answering the questions, keep an eye on Dive Bella Dive in the coming few weeks, they might be playing some shows near you soon!

Dive Bella Dive - Spend The Night Living (And I'll Ne'er Return)