Introducing... Kulaks

Kulaks are made up of 3 friends from the Harlow/Hoddesdon area of the UK, they are made up of Sam Watson (Vocals, Guitar), Luke Hunns (Guitar) and Charles Bird (Bass), they are also accompanied on stage with a live drummer. Their sound is somewhere in the middle of Lo-Fi and Indie-Pop with elements that have been taken from The Vaccines book of riffs.

After playing lots of shows in the past year, from Cambridge down to London and to Chelmsford (Essex) they've certainly got their foot through the door as far as a good fan base is concerned. They've played for us three times, and the last two times they've graced the stage they've played some brand new songs, one that we are very fond of is called 'Pain', it's a heartfelt song about break-ups and having a tough life. These guys are just turning 18 this year, they've got their whole careers in-front of them, they just need to secure a drummer and they'll be set. Their last track to be uploaded is their best yet, 'Big Issues' is only a rough demo, but it sounds sweet as a nut!

For fans of // The Strokes, The Vaccines, Yuck

Kulaks - Pain