Single Review... Bos Angeles - Beach Slalom/ Days Of Youth

Beach Slalom:
Chiming, catchy and hazy riffs are the order of the day on this single from Bournemouth’s Bos Angeles on their début single. The sound is akin to bands like The Drums and Two Wounded Birds, yet the slightly lo-fi edge singles them out as well as the massively catchy tunes on this thing.
Out of 10: 9/10

Days Of Youth:
'Days Of Youth' combines elements of surf-pop with a darker, post-punk sound and the dark repetition of "why would you change for me?", amongst another catchy hook. The slightly lo-fi edge I talked about never makes the single feel under-produced, and adds to the effect.
Out of 10: 9/10

Beach Slalom/Days Of Youth 7"
Out of 10: 9/10


Written by - Connor Browne