Single Review... Wideboy Generation - Looters

This is the first official single by one of the most exciting bands at the moment. Wideboy Generation have been on our radar ever since we first heard their early demos in late 2010, they have announced their d├ębut single 'Looters', they released it as a free download so grab it if you love the sound of them! This song was inspired after the riots that hit London last year, the band reside in North London (which was then worst hit).

With over 13,000 views on YouTube this Punk-Rock track bursts out into life straight from the word go! They've been given the title of one of the tightest bands in the UK, and after seeing their video on the internet I'd love to see them live. The track is a great advertisement for the band as it just showcases what this band is all about, Rock, Punk and well crafted songs to boot!
Out of 10: 8/10

Wideboy Generation - Looters