Track of the week... Various Cruelties - Don't Want To Waste Your Time

We've posted about Various Cruelties twice before, and we've seen them effectively grow up since we first listened to them! Slowly but surely seven tracks have worked their way onto the internet but this soulful Indie-Rock do not have one bad track, they're all highly rated if you ask me.

So the track of the week is 'Don't Want To Waste Your Time', this is currently a free download over at their facebook site, and to be honest it's one of their best tracks! The song will not feature on their d├ębut album but this will be put into the folder of 'hidden gems' as far as I am concerned. The vocalist does a wonderful job keeping you listening, along with the harmonies in the choruses. Chiming guitars, a marching drum beat with even more effects, the tambourine is a nice effect and adds to the layers. This song is simply amazing, a great track to define this band by, remember, it's a free download on their site. SO what's to lose!

Various Cruelties - Don't Want To Waste Your Time