Young Bands of 2012... Heavy Hearts

They have the right combination of influences to create a sound that is their own. With the female vocals combining with the jangly guitars and fast drumming this is one of those hidden gems in my music library. I've been playing their tracks off their soundcloud on repeat (more or less) since I first got them, and it's nice to see other people take notice of their skills. They've recently played at 229 Club in London.

One thing I do like about going to gigs is finding those young bands that have only just started out, and an added bonus is they already sound amazing. I originally found these guys supporting Fenech-Soler at The Cresset Heavy Hearts was one of those bands that played all of their own songs, no covers, not one in sight, all their own material. And that's something that I like from a new band. This will be their year for gaining a strong local support and getting some even more gigs.

Noughts And Crosses by Heavy Hearts

Heavy Hearts - Hit The Road (Live)