Gig Review... Gentlemen's Club @ The Square, Harlow, 23rd February 2012

With their new EP we had to go down and check out Gentlemen's Club, what's more is that we got in for free, good right, it got better. We witnessed an acoustic set by Sam from Kulaks, he was showcasing some new songs he has been working on and playing some 'oldies' too. After he left the stage a band that seemed to have a different genre every song came on. I forgot their name but one thing I noticed is that they changed their genre every song, I guess they're just trying to find their sound.

They came on stage looking like a band that meant business, and they sure did. With so much energy put into their first song I thought they'd run out of it after the next song, heck no. They're full of beans tonight, god knows what they've been taking but one thing is for sure they certainly put on a show with great vocals from Joe, sexy bass rhythms from Callum, captivating Ukulele tones from Tom and crazy drumming skills by the man at the back Conor. If you're around when they're playing, GO.