Introducing... Holy Esque

The last time we heard of a great Glaswegian band it was Dananananaykroyd, then a year after that we bumped into Glasvegas on MTV2. Since then not much has come out of Scotland's 2nd city, but that's all about to change with the next band. Holy Esque is what I'd define Post-Punk Revival by, big bold guitars, thick bass and vocals that remind me of Wu Lyf.

They currently have three tracks on their soundcloud, all up for a free download and the pick of the bunch would be 'Rose', this track is a Post-Rock juggernaut, filled with attitude and commanding vocals you'll never forget them after you've laid your ears to this beauty! The other tracks are called 'Sunday Service (Part1 & 2)' which is a 8 minute epic and the last track is one of their oldest tracks is 'Prophet Of Privilege', just based on these tracks I can see them being signed up VERY soon!

For fans of / Wu Lyf, Glasvegas, Sigur Rós