Single Review... Safari - Doubt / Are We Ready

Having been in our top ten artists for 2012 we couldn't wait to share with you their latest single, it's a double A-Side single, their latest song 'Doubt' along with a track we already love, 'Are We Ready'. The single is being released via Sons of Stereo Recordings on February 27th.

It opens with vocals and a riff, the vocals echoing "It's all good", and it seems to be! With the chorus impending the verse drops and you get thrown into a whirlwind of Tropical sounds, stunning guitar riffs and synths. The drum pace is fast and quick and gives that added layer of excitement. Safari are known to us for not putting a foot wrong, and they haven't put one wrong yet, this is stunning!!!
Out of 10: 9/10

Are We Ready:
Trumpets open the song with high pitched vocals accompanying it, then bass hit. The tension is broken when the drums and guitar drop. Great bass riffs and brilliant synth samples are used throughout the song. Safari have really crafted a song to be a big hit in the future, what is for sure is it suits the summer well! I wonder if it is them that has supplied this Indian summer we have been having as of late, hmm. What is for certain is this track is a killer, watch out for more from them in the coming months! They've even re-done 'Reason' which is also available on their soundcloud page, just click 'this is SAFARI' below the stream.
Out of 10: 9/10

Safari - So I See