Gig Review... Blood Red Shoes @ Banquet Records, Kingston, London, 27th March 2012

This was a real treat for everyone involved, one, this was their first ever acoustic gig, two, it was in Banquet Records which is one of the friendliest record stores I've ever been in, and finally three, this was a free gig for anyone who bought the album from the shop. I got to the shop just in time, or so I thought. They turned up nearly 50 minutes late due to bad traffic, well it is London.

After we were let in I got a nice spot in the middle, with just enough gaps in the crowd to see what was going on. They played at least one song from each album, this being the first time they'd ever played an acoustic set this was going to be interesting for everyone. Steve did slip up a bit on 'Light It Up' and was asking the crowd "What's the 2nd verse?", but he won over the audience with his wit and charm. This was an amazing spectacle to behold and they played out with the opening track to the latest album, 'In Time To Voices', this sounded like they were going all 'Old Western' with the acoustic guitar doing the main guitar work. Afterwards they singed everyone's vinyl and CD's with some fans having a quick chat. If you ever get to see them live, please go, they're the real deal! Oh and not forgetting to mention Banquet Records for getting them to come along in the first place.

Blood Red Shoes played: (ALL Acoustic)
Lost Kids
Light It Up
Slip Into The Blue
Say Something, Say Anything
Night Light
In Time To Voices