Gig Review... Chaser @ Heaven, London, 6th March 2012

We've recently featured Chaser on this blog before, so it was a real pleasure to witness their live show, and boy are they good! They opened up the show with their impending single entitled 'Us', you can see the actual performance of the song at the bottom of the post!

The video doesn't do it justice in all fairness, they were blistering live, they all seem to be true professionals down to the last detail. They also played their demo called 'Somebody Else', which got a great response from the crowd, a few people wooing and cheering as they announced the song, clearly that was me and my mates but still, people need to hear this song it's beyond amazing!

I'm really looking forward to their headline show at Borderline on the 13th of April, it's on a Friday so it may not be the luckiest of days but I'm sure they'll blow away the crowd once again!