Gig Review... Grouplove @ King Tuts, Glasgow, 21st February 2012

Having seen Grouplove play at two festivals last summer there was no doubt they are a good live act, but the question remained of how their own show would compare to a cut-down singles-based festival slot.

It's instantly obvious that the band are here to party, jumping around the stage before they’ve even started playing. 'Don't Say Oh Well' from the band's self-titled EP gets the crowd moving right away, and before the mood settles 'Lovely Cup' and 'Itchin' On A Photograph' are blasted out.

Grouplove are an unusual example of a band where four members of the band sing songs, with only drummer Ryan Rabin not getting in on the act. Frontman Christian Zucconi takes the lead on most of the songs but keyboardist Hannah Cooper is the first of the others to step up when she sings 'Love Will Save Your Soul'. Later on guitarist Andrew Wessen and bassist Sean Gadd take turns to sing 'Spun' and 'Chloe' respectively. Its not only that the four of them do sing, the fact is they all do it very well. Gadd, wearing a cowboy hat throughout the gig does most of the talking as the band try to catch their breath between each hectic tune.

The epic 'Gold Coast' is only other song performed from the band's EP with all but one of the tracks from d├ębut album 'Never Trust A Happy Song' being rolled out. The band are clearly enjoying themselves as Christian, wearing a Scotland t-shirt, tells the crowd they're going to play 'Cruel And Beautiful World', not normally in their setlist, because they love the Glasgow crowd so much.

Despite being a new band Grouplove have clearly learned the importance of a great encore with 'Tongue Tied' and the breathtaking 'Colours' heralding two of the biggest sing-alongs of the night. With the low ceiling in King Tut's it looks for a moment as if the band are going to go straight through whilst leaping about during 'Colours'. By the end of the show you really feel like you've seen a band who are performing well beyond their years. With Grouplove its not just a band playing a bunch of songs, a bunch of close friends putting their heart and soul into the thing they love doing with their life.

Grouplove played:
Don't Say Oh Well
Lovely Cup
Itchin' On A Photograph
Love Will Save Your Soul
Gold Coast
Cruel And Beautiful World
Naked Kids
Close Your Eyes And Count To Ten

Tongue Tied

Written by - Neil Shaw