Gig Review... Heavy Hearts @ Water Rats, King's Cross, London, 20th March 2012

After seeing them support Fenech-Soler way back in September 2011 they've been on our radar for a good time, and after playing their tracks a lot I had to have my fix of Heavy Hearts. They've got a new track in the pipe-line and apparently it's very close to completion! Anyway, we popped on down to Water Rats to see them play for the second time. We were really pleased to see they've matured since we've last seen them, as that was their 7th or so gig as a band they've certainly got a lot more confidence yet the singer does still seem shy behind the microphone.

But other than that their new tracks sound fantastic, the riffs from Josh were cracking might I say, if anything that's what finally secured my interest in them, the vocals, drumming patterns and bass-lines were all amazing then the riffs come in and it's like where the fuck have they been hiding! They're starting to get their name out in London after playing a few prestigious venues in the capital. As far as I'm concerned they need to move down here, their sound will go down a treat with the Londoners! If you get the chance to see them, stay, their last song was worth the trip alone, and it's available for stream and download below!