Interview... with VOWS

After releasing their latest video via our lovely little site, VOWS front-man Jack has been chatting us today about the band, their favourite moment in the band and who they hope they could support some day.

So, right out of the starting blocks, VOWS, how did it all start?
Right. Well, I suppose it's always been floating about between Lee, Riley, Jim and myself. Before VOWS we were in a band called Polo Lounge and we gigged for about a year pretty much anywhere we could. It was quite strange, because most of that stuff was Folk based, a lot of acoustic set ups. It's strange to look back now and think our roots began with an acoustic guitar. Sorry, I'm rambling aha. We were completed as VOWS about 4 months ago, once Jack (Drummer boy) and Ad (Persian Synth extraordinaire!) jumped on board we were all happy. Now we're a typical dysfunctional family.

You’re in a young band (as far as ages go) what music do you listen to get inspired?
I'm 21 this year! That's scary! Well I suppose it'd be cliché to say that we all have extremely wide ranging music tastes, yeah? I mean, the artist that really inspires me, although we're nothing like them, is Rou from Enter Shikari. They really put me in the mood to actively write and perform. Lee is lead guitar, so he just locks himself in a room for days on end drip feeding Bloc Party riffs into his mind. Jack (Drummer boy!) was probably a huge influence on where the direction of our sound took. He's heavily into hip-hop and you can really feel that with most of the new material that we have.

Yea man I can hear a little bit of everything from your latest track, what can your fans expect from the up-coming EP?
Ah, thanks Fred! We're trying to mix it up a bit. Well we've got two or three more tracks that we need to sort out for the EP-release. It's been quite a struggle to whittle down the set that we've been gigging for a while into the ones that we feel are the strongest, and also songs that we feel will blend together well.

What so far has been the best experience whilst being in VOWS?
Spector was a huge gig for us, and just a huge experience during the whole day for us as well. We've got a song called 'I am Better with You' that we've vowed (ha, pun!) to only play live and never record and there's a break in it that goes 'OH-OH-OH-OH'. So when a filled room chanting that along with us, that was quite powerful. The whole room singing the breakdown to COLOURS at Taylor Johns House in Coventry was quite moving too. I think we're all just enjoying being in a solid set up where everyone's happy with the creative direction.

Finally... If you could support ANY band ever in existence who would it be and why?
Wow. Erm, I'd love to support Scroobious Pip just so I could have an excuse to grow my beard out. But I'm gonna' take a stab in the dark and say The Cure, that's probably the only band that all of us equally love. Plus, Jimmy could do a Get up Kids cover of Close to Me and his life would be complete.

My thanks to Jack from VOWS for answering the questions, their new single is available to stream below, but you can download it soon. For more details go to their facebook page.