Introducing... Rio Rio

Ever wonder what we do on a Saturday at 5pm? Well today we went on bandcamp to have a look around, and we stumbled across Rio Rio! They're a five piece Tropical-Rock, Electro-Rock band and as the name suggests they've got a tropical feel to their anthems. Being based in San Francisco may seem like a great idea, but sadly in the USA they're not so keen on anything guitar based unless the band has been around for ages.

Rio Rio sound like they want to change that, they've not even played their first show and they've already got two amazing tracks recorded. The tracks are, 'Gorilla Gorilla' and ''You Mammoth', they're both recorded really well and the production and mastering sounds great. 'Gorilla Gorilla' is currently a free download on their bandcamp site and I'd highly recommend you download it! It's a great way to get pumped for the summer, it's got great guitar riffs echoing in the background and what's more is that the vocals are really strong, seriously complementing the tropical sound they've made for themselves.

For fans of // The Wombats, Trophy Wife, Bravestation