Track of the week... The Wild Mercury Sound - Slow

If you haven't heard of The Wild Mercury Sound yet where have you been? We've been loving this brilliant youthful band for the past week or two now. We've even popped on down to see them live, and that was one of our highlights of the week too! To read that click here.

So the track, that's why we're here isn't it? The song starts off with a drum beat with guitars making the song sound so tense it could explode, everything then calms down for the first verse. The chorus on the other hand is full of riffs that you'd most likely put on a Biffy Clyro track, they're really big and chunky! But towards the end of the song the chorus appears again but this time with added distortion and effects, this song has suddenly got a 'Track of the year' flavour to it. It's really electric! The track is coincidently out today, so go buy it!