Un-Signed Mixtape how to apply (Mar/Apr 2012)

Who fancies being in the November & December 'Un-Signed Mixtape'?

1) MUST be either Unsigned or able to share a track freely without any commercial interference

2) When 'dropping' your song into our 'drop-box' (located on the left hand side of the blog)
You must fill the following out when sending the song (in the comment section of the form).
- Band Name:
- Song Title:
- Facebook page/group (link):

3) Please do the above otherwise it is hassle for everyone to find all of the information for a track

4) You may be involved if you have been before, this is all about Un-Signed talent here and we welcome any genre of music as long as it falls under the category of 'Indie' in one way or another.

5) But wait we only have live recordings! It's OK we accept 'Demos' 'Live' 'Remixes' all the way up to the fully produced (so long as it's OK to share for free)

Have fun guys and if you do follow the following guidelines/rules then you will know as soon as the mixtape goes live by a comment on your facebook page by "It's All Indie".

Closes: As soon as we get to 12 tracks, so be quick!