Album Review... Oberhofer - Time Capsules II

American indie-pop upstarts Oberhofer release their début album, and it’s certainly a colourful listen. After moving to Brooklyn from his hometown of Tacoma, Washington, to attend New York University, Brad quickly immersed himself in the indie rock community forming the 4 piece which is now, quite simply, Oberhofer.

Opener ‘HEART’ ends up sounding pretty large, with a nice amount of reverb and a massive chorus, vocalist Brad Oberhofer’s slurred vocal delivery jutting awkwardly between big hooks. 'Landline’s' plaintive lyrics taint what could have been a great track, but ‘Away Frm U’ is reminiscent of Los Campesinos! At their finest and ‘oo0ooo0oo’ also is summery and wild. Although this album has it’s off-moments, it’s still a good debut and signals an even better second record.

Oberhofer - Time Capsules II
Out of 10: 7.5/10

Written by - Connor Browne