Chazzstock 2012

The independent music festival has gone from strength to strength in recent years, with a variety of events to attend growing every summer. One festival making its debut this year is Chazzstock. The heartbreaking death of a much-loved young musician inspired his friends and family to accomplish his dream of hosting a festival behind his parents’ garden – and all profits will be going to The Prince’s Trust.

In August 2012, Ou Est Le Swimming Pool front-man Charlie Haddon took his own life shortly after performing at Pukkelpop festival in Belgium, aged just 22. His close friend Jack Bissell, who is one of Chazzstock’s chief organisers, talks of how the festival is a way of continuing his legacy. “Some of Charlie’s happiest memories involved music,” he says. “He always wanted to put on a festival and even came up with the name himself – Chazz was one of his nicknames.”

Along with Charlie’s father Steve and sister Sarah, as well as numerous other friends and family members, Jack is determined to make Chazzstock’s first jaunt a success, and with The Horrors and The Vaccines both coming to play I’m sure it’ll be a big hit and people will want to come back time and time again for a brilliant festival and for a fantastic cause.