EP Review... Holy Esque - Holy Esque EP

We've been following Holy Esque for what has seemed a long time now, we first heard of them via their astonishing track 'Rose' and now they've got their début EP out! I just had to download it as I knew it would be amazing to say the least, we were in for a big surprise. Read our review to see why!

Ladybird Love:
The first track on the EP, and for the fans that'll love them from here onwards the first track they would hear from Holy Esque. It sounds like they've embraced their newly found status after supporting Wu Lyf. This track sounds like Wu Lyf Mk2, with vocals more captivating than Wu's and with more depth in the song too. This is a great track to open up with.
Out of 10: 8/10

This track is a Post-Rock juggernaut, filled with attitude and imposing vocals you'll never stop thinking about them after you've laid your ears to this beauty! Holy Esque is what I'd define Post-Punk Revival by, big bold guitars, chunky bass and vocals that are so dominant throughout the track!
Out of 10: 9/10

Loneliest Loneliness:
With an organ welcoming you to the track you may be forgiven thinking this will be a build up to something more typical 'Post-Rock', but the lads have stuck to their guns here and have given you a lovely slow jam to sit back and take in. It's a stripped down track with wonderful hooks and light synthy notes to it. It ends in a whirlwind of effectors, a great track to listen to on those lazy afternoons!
Out of 10: 7/10

Prophet of Privilege:
We first heard this track as a demo floating around in the soundcloud, this track is just as good as the rawness of the demo but it's longer, polished off and sounds bigger in every way! This could easily be my new favourite track from Holy Esque. A superb way to end off an amazing début EP!
Out of 10: 8/10

Holy Esque - Holy Esque EP
Out of 10: 8/10