Friday's Finest #5

Here is the fifth instalment of Friday's Finest, ran in tandem with 'Slate The Disco', this week we check out bands from all areas of the Indie music world!

It's All Indie: Futures – Swim Teams

This was the week when Futures left their label, and after that they went and released a new single straight after the initial announcement. This is a pure acoustic master-class from the band and gives us a slight taste of what the impending album will sound like. You can pick up the digital single from bandcamp for 50p!

Slate The Disco: Yuck – Chew

Yuck are back and back with something very special. This week the moody four-piece posted a new track online, and it is arguably one of their finer tunes to date. 'Chew' is full with the same brand of shoegazey-grunge that made their debut self-titled album last year so popular.

It's All Indie: Bastille – What Would You Do?

Bastille completely won us over when we saw them live, and after I got back I stumbled upon this amazing cover of City High’s 2001 smash hit. Bastille put their own electronic spin on a Hip-Hop/RnB classic. Dan’s vocals just win you over from the off and the sheer consistency of the cover hold up throughout, you can pick up the ‘Other People's Heartache’ EP for FREE from their website

Slate The Disco: Forest – The Great Greens

Optimistic shoegazers and trailblazers of the blooming Cambridge slacker rock scene are currently steadying their new EP for our ears. But in anticipation they this week dropped ‘The Great Greens’ as a taster. It’s full of a lo-fi haze that makes it a truly dynamite piece of grunge-pop. You can even claim this piece of sonic surf-rock for free, which we recommend you do.

Unanimous: Chaser - Us

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