Friday's Finest

Yes it's back, after two weeks of either one of us being away or otherwise occupied here is the first 'Friday's Finest' of April, and it's a banger! Us and our pals at Slate The Disco have got you 5 more tracks to listen to over the weekend. Enjoy!

It's All Indie: Rova – I Always
‘I Always’ is one of those tracks that immediately stands out and you and claims to be the epic track it’s made out to be. With a tumble of guitars at the forefront of the song and a really charismatic chorus the lads have it all. Even though this song is over a year old it’s not stopped us playing it over and over again!

Slate The Disco: Cut Your Hair - Utah In Pictures
Awash with summery haze and glorious harmonies, 'Utah In Pictures' is the d├ębut single from Catalan three-piece Cut Your Hair, released 30th April on Mushroom Pillow. Childhood friends from the village of Anserall perched high in the Pyrenees, Sergio, Aleix and Ed dream up an appropriately sun-bleached reading of rock’n'roll’s eternal narrative, small-town escapism.

It's All Indie: Blood Red Shoes - Hundred Million Percent
With their third album finally out, the first single released off the album was ‘Cold’, the B-Side on the vinyl version of the song was ‘One Million Percent’ and it’s a ‘back-to-your-roots’ sound from the Brighton based two-piece. It’s full of deep guitar riffs and those vocals their fans just can’t get enough of!

Slate The Disco: Boxes – Red Skies
New single ‘Red Skies’ released on Monday 30th April through Bow Records. Following on from last year’s award-winning Silent Alarm EP, multi-instrumentalist Boxes returns with his new single ‘Red Skies’ taken from upcoming debut album Stickers, which is out 7th May.Entwining healthy amounts of pop with dance music, the latest release from Boxes is undeniably a song for evocative movie montages, with its soaring, anthemic choruses and sweet lyrics. Boxes, better known to his mum as Carey Willetts, has totally immersed himself into current guise with his guitars, loop pedals and iPad.

Unanimous: These Ghosts - Throw The Windows Open
Our unanimous choice of the week comes in the form of ‘Throw The Windows Open’ a beautiful piece of haunting ambient alt rock from Norfolk outfit These Ghosts.
The choice came about not because These Ghosts have revealed the video for their anthemic latest single ‘Throw the Windows Open’ but the band have also announced they'll be playing St Pauls Church in Cambridge on April 14th, for which both Slate & It's All Indie will be attending and recommend you do the same!

Come back next week for more, until then... check back for more music updtaes!