Futures leaves Mercury / The full story

Written by Ant West, sent by email to fans signed up on their website
Hello friends!

Today was a big day for us, involving a decision that was hard to make, but we feel is the best one for our band.

I'm writing you this blog as we have some good/less good news to share with you. We have been restricted over the past 2 years as to how much music we have been able to share with you. This has been one of the most frustrating parts about being signed to a major record label, no longer being in control of releases. We recorded our album 1 year ago and it is yet to surface so we decided to take the matter into our own hands. We wrote 56 songs for our album and you guys have only had access to 2 of them, we've wanted to give you more but it's been an impossibility. Today we decided to leave Mercury Records, and the team there were kind and understanding enough to let us take our album with us. It's been an exciting time being signed, and we've had some amazing opportunities thanks to Mercury, for without them we would never have been able to visit the studios we did and have our record produced by Gil Norton.

So, here's the good news - We will be releasing our long awaited d├ębut album in June 2012.

And here's the less good news...

We booked our April tour way back at the start of the year, as we were on the understanding that our album would be out on the 16th April. So, with this in mind, we put the dates on sale trusting that you could all hear the album before we hit the road and experience the songs live. But as we all know, this isn't how it's panned out.

We've been weighing up over the past few days whether to postpone the album tour to tie in with the album and actually play new songs to you. The songs that we hoped would be in your ears before the tour. Although we love going on the road no matter where we end up, we can't justify playing another set full of the songs from The Holiday. There's only a certain amount of time that you can play the same 7 songs, without us or you thinking, 'Can we hear something else?' We appreciate that you have bought tickets and been so so patient with us over the past year. It's been the most frustrating few months of our lives, having to hold off the music that we created in 2011 and the wait has been killing us. We came to the decision that the tour will be postponed with exams in mind, as there's nothing worse than not being able to go gigs when you're mind is meant to be studying.

There are big changes coming our way, and we promise new music coming to you. Music that's been waiting for you. Just to clarify that the tour is still happening, and that all tickets will be valid. We promise that you will have a copy of our album before you're queuing up outside for the gigs. Scouts honour. We always hear that our music is experienced best with a dose of sunshine, and now it will be.

You're the best, and stick with us, because we're back. We're on our own terms and it never felt so good.
If anything I love this band more now that they care about music and fans rather than JUST the money.