Gig Review... Bastille @ The Horn, St Albans, 10th April 2012

This gig was special for two reasons, it was Bastille's first gig playing their new tracks and it was also their first gig “for a long time” according to the singer. The intimate venue (The Horn) suited them well as we found out when they started playing. They opened their set with the crowd pleaser ‘Icarus’ and followed it up by playing one of the new songs called ‘These Streets’. They turned back the clocks to 2011 with ‘Things We Lost In The Fire’ and then divulged into some more new tracks from their forthcoming d├ębut album.

Playing some ‘depressing’ songs next, the tracks were ‘Overjoyed’ and ‘Sleep Song’, this may give the impression like a bad move to some and can tone down the gig, but they turned them into some songs to adore rather than get disheartened about. They got the crowd participation in ‘Overjoyed’ with the band asking them to chant in the chorus and as Dan said “like something out of the Lion King”. They kept on the route to a great gig with another song off their EP, ‘Laura Palmer’ and finished off by playing two amazing new songs called ‘Pompeii’ and ‘Bad Blood’ after that they finished on their immense song ‘Flaws’. This was well worth the effort in getting to and I URGE you to go and see them on their upcoming tour!

Bastille played:
These Streets
Things We Lost In The Fire
Albatross 2
Sleep Song
Laura Palmer
Bad Blood