Gig Review... Bombay Bicycle Club @ The Corn Exchange, Cambridge, 15th April 2012

This was their first date on their tour so you’d be forgiven if you thought that that they’d be a bit rusty. This performance tonight was far from it! After two magnificent opening acts the lads came onto the stage with “How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep”, the vocals from the first few seconds were just on repeat then the band came out behind a curtain, it then dropped and the fans went crazy because they could finally see their idols! After saying hello to the crowd they quickly went into ‘Your Eyes’, after they got round to playing one of their old songs ‘Dust On The Ground’ which got the crowd all up in arms and one of the biggest sing-a-longs of the night. Next on the list were ‘Bad Timing’ and ‘Leave It’ which saw Lucy Rose come forward to do some vocals.

She stayed on stage for ‘Lights Out, Words Gone’ which once again got the crowd moving, next up was two songs from their acoustic album; ‘Rinse Me Down’ and ‘Ivy & Gold’, this was interesting to see how it worked in an electronic set-up as I’ve only seen these tracks played live in the acoustic setting. Next was the track I was looking forward to the most, the track that confirmed my interest in them, ‘Evening/Morning’, the 10th song of the night yet only the 2nd from their début album, you could see the fans were enjoying this as Jack moved the microphone to the crowd as they sung the chorus before the band went into a mad rush as finished the track to massive applause. ‘Cancel On Me’ and ‘Lamplight’ gave the older fans something to reminisce in and some big sing-a-longs yet again!

The next song was ‘Beggers’ but straight after that was Jack and Lucy on the piano playing a heart-felt rendition of ‘Still’ which got the left the crowd in awe, the next track up as the complete opposite of that, ‘Beg’ was initially an extra track on the iTunes version of the album and even in the live setting it’s a funky tropical-rock track with plenty of noises to keep you interested! At this point I was getting a bit worried that ‘Always Like This’ was not going to be played as I knew there would only be enough time for 4 more tracks, this once again was a song for the fans as Jack gave the singing duties to the crowd, the song that everyone knows them by this was the highlight of the night for most of the crowd. BUT, not before they ended their set on ‘The Giantess’ and ‘Emergency Contraception Blues’ before disappearing for a couple of minutes and re-emerging.

‘Shuffle’ was greeted to jeering from the younger fans and this was the most up-temp song of the night, you could easily tell as the amount of crowd surfers were just pathetic as 40 year olds through down to 14 year old kids were being thrown about by the crowd. Still, you could easily see people were enjoying it! The night finished on what is arguably one of their finest tracks to date, forget the last two albums, I’m on about ‘What If’ from the début! This is the only track I ever want them to close on as it reminds me of the first time I saw them live nearly four years ago. This was an amazing night, and if you’re reading this I know you know I’m not lying!