Gig Review... New Ivory @ Cafe 1001, Shoreditch, London, 27th March 2012

This was the first time I would be seeing New Ivory live, after blogging about them for ages this was my first chance to catch them live. This was my second gig in the same day and it was well worth the 4 hours worth of riding trains to get to them both. Now this performance especially was one I'd not want to forget in a hurry.

After a great Rock'n'Roll act played before them I was hiding away at the back on a couch, but when New Ivory came onto the stage the singer pulled everyone from the couches and bars and gathered them in to the centre of the stage. For everyone that attended this was a gig that they'd remember for ever! They played an enthusiastic set, with it opening with their latest (UK) single 'Something You Should Know' which got everyone in the mood and then following it up by a new track called 'The Road' and 'Day By Day'. After that they pulled the cat out of the bag and played an amazing cover of The Who's 'My Generation', this got even more people into the venue just my hearing the opening chords and chorus.

The newer people in the audience stuck around for the remainder of the set, which included a 9 minute rendition of 'A Knight', this was down to some slight problems with the power to the pedals but they pulled it off with longer verses and a great outro to the song. If you do get a day off and you notice them playing near you, just go, their live performance alone will win you over!

New Ivory played:
Something You Should Know
The Road
Day By Day
My Generation (The Who cover)
Dry Tears
All Around Me
A Knight

New Ivory - A Knight (Audionite Remix)