Why it's a good thing Foals are taking their time making album 3

Foals are in the studio making their third album, and not breaking up like we reported on April Fool's Day, that was just a prank. As most of the fans will know the band were VERY quiet in the run up to 'Total Life Forever' except a few 'loops' being given away on their MySpace account back in 2005/2006. The only things the fans got were those 'loops' and very obscure videos.

This time round they've been even more secretive about it, the band individually tweet on a regular basis but any information about album 3 has been top secret... until now. We are expecting them to release the album in 2012, why? Well the two year gap between their first ever track, two year gap between that track and Antidotes and yep, two years inbetween the albums. It's a good thing they're taking their time over it, lets face it, they knew how good TLF was and they want to emulate it!