Friday's Finest

It’s Friday (well Saturday now...), and ourselves and Slate The Disco have gone for a sunny theme to this week’s Friday’s Finest!

Slate The Disco: Civil Love – ‘Teenage Love’
It doesn’t get much sunnier than the charming indie pop of Civil Love. Civil love are a four piece band based in Peckham, drawing members from around the world they give a diverse and unique sound firmly rooted in sunshine and melody. Defined by humble yet powerful vocals and chiming guitars ‘Teenage Love’ is our pick of their new EP.

It’s All Indie: Peace – ‘Li’l Echo’
After getting the 7″ of their latest single in the post yesterday I’ve been playing ‘Li’l Echo’ constantly! The track was recorded in Red Bull Studios and once again, this is a track that really stands out from all of the others Peace have recorded. They change the style of their songs yet always manage to keep the imagination of the listener.

Slate The Disco: Little Comets – ‘Jennifer’
Following their acclaimed ‘Worry’ EP released in December, Little Comets are set to return to the fold next month with vibrant new single ‘Jennifer’, released on June 11th. Filled with twiddly guitar bits and high vocals, it’s another blissful indie summer piece.

It's All Indie: Get People – ‘Something Better’
Get People’s new EP entitled ‘Harmonize’ is out next month, it’s being released on tastemaker label Luv Luv Luv Records and they’re currently streaming their new single ‘Something Better’ which you can listen to below!

Unanimous: Morning Parade - Gold On The Ceiling
With their album coming out in the USA soon three of the band have been out in the States playing some acoustic songs, and they had the time to cover this beaut!