Gig Review... Tribes @ Oran Mor, Glasgow, 30th April 2012

When I heard Tribes were coming to Glasgow I was interested right away but for me this show was equally about the main band and their support act Sharks. Two of my favourite new bands on one bill looked sure to provide a great night, and this was indeed the case.

It would be fair to say things are going well for Tribes too with the band drawing a decent crowd in a fair-sized venue for a band on their first headline tour visit to Scotland. There was a good buzz around the venue as Tribes took to the stage and start off with my favourite song by them 'Whenever'. Luckily though, throwing this in first didn't prove to be an anti-climax. The band's album 'Baby' is littered with singles and sing-alongs meaning even on one album the band can pack the set with 'big moments'.

In a refreshing turn Tribes don't just perform the bare minimum number of tracks and saunter off, in fact throwing in no fewer than four b-sides, a lovely treat for the dedicated fans like myself. Some other bands I've seen recently could take a hint from this, it really beefs up the show for a new band. The quality is the main thing though and the band keep it up throughout. Coming towards the end of the set the band hit their strongest point of the night with a closing pair of 'When My Day Comes' and 'We Were Children'. The band then left the stage very briefly before returning for a rousing sing-along of fan favourite b-side 'Coming Of Age' to end a triumphant d├ębut Glasgow headline show and show they can back up their studio recordings live. All in all two great up and coming bands, Sharks were better in my mind but that does not take away from Tribes in any way.

Tribes played:
Corner Of An English Field
Walking In The Street
Face To Face
Not So Pretty
Halfway Home
Bad Apple
Alone Or With Friends
When My Day Comes
We Were Children

Coming Of Age

Written by - Neil Shaw