Introducing... Seasfire

We've been following Seasfire for a while now, and until now we've liked everything we've heard, initially from their demo 'Falling' and 'Human Sacrifice' got us on board. But in the last 5 days I've come round to the idea that they can easily be the next big thing to come out of the UK. They're Bristol based and craft Electronics, Indie-Rock and hints of Jazz and can turn everything they make into a hit! This was confirmed after we heard their cover of a Lucy Rose song.

The band are currently building some serious buzz around them, and after this amazing cover of a Lucy Rose classic they're sure to get a few more followers down to this! Their latest track that's getting them seriously noticed by everyone is 'Heartbeat', you can listen to it below the post and once you've fully heard it you can see why we're banging on about them so much!

For fans of // The XX, Active Child, Clock Opera