Track of the week... Paper & Places - To Berlin

Paper & Places have only been around on facebook since late January of this year and in that short space of time they've managed to release two amazing tracks. Their début track called 'To Berlin' is a fast-tempo Indie-Rock anthem driven by rushing guitars and amazing vocals. Their 2nd track was released 18 or so hours ago on their soundcloud page and we fell in love with it straight away, just like the début!

To Berlin' is as fresh as you can get, the Regensburg band have crafted a song that's ready for the summer. The opening is guitar echoes and tropical drum beats and then goes off into the area we like best, light and airy guitars, pitch perfect vocals and stunning hooks that'll get you craving for more. The best thing about them is they've got a new track up and it is 100% free, so if you end up loving it, go and download it!

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