Ones to watch at Reading Festival - #1 - Seasfire

Ok so here it is, we counted down from #10 all the way to this! Seasfire have set our world alight since we first heard their demos on soundcloud, and ever since then we've loved everything they'd had to offer. We've even fallen in love with their latest track 'Undone'. The band are currently building some serious buzz around them, and after this latest song and their previous work they're sure to get a few more followers!

We highly recommend that you listen to them right now! We're urging all of you to go and see them, you know you can't miss out on the next best thing! The band will be showcasing some brand new songs, but we're not too sure how many as we've heard quite a lot already, and they've not even got an EP out yet, how great is that! A band doing so well of demos alone! You can check out a live track at the bottom of the post too!

Seasfire are playing the BBC Introducing Stage on Sunday 24th August, we will be down with an army, be sure to stop by and see the next best thing in music!

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