Ones to watch at Reading Festival - #3 - Bastille

We first caught wind of Bastille back in 2011 after Dan Smith released the 'Laura Palmer EP'. We finally got round to seeing them at The Horn in St Albans, that night was made even better since it had Ego Trip and I Remember Tapes playing in the same night. After the performance in a tiny venue we fell in love with Dan Smith and his band.

Bastille have got quite the following since Dan released the mixtape EP (which is free to download!) and their latest single 'Overjoyed' and 'Bad Blood'. This'll see them play to their biggest audience to date and will see them play some new tracks ahead of their impending d├ębut album which is out later on this year/early 2013

Bastille are playing the Festival Republic Stage on Friday 24th August, just after Niki and The Dove.

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