Album Review... Lucy Rose - Like I Used To

I first saw Lucy Rose way back in 2010 at the Kingston Hippodrome, back then she was just starting out releasing singles and already had a dedicated fan-base. Two years (and a bit more) later we find ourselves being bowled over by this astonishing album of hers. Find out what we made of it.

The first track on the album opens with a rush of guitars, and then drops to give way to a much more sensible acoustic sound, it doesn't hold throughout the song. However, this isn't a bad thing since I like being eased into an album, especially one that I've been waiting for a long time. It ends up like any other big Indie-Rock band, playing out to the highest order and stopping all of a sudden. We then get to listen to a single that she's already released; 'Middle Of The Bed' An amazing vocalist, Lucy takes us through a rocky love story, using her incredible voice to build up and break down the track beautifully. In my eyes the definition of indie, especially considering how this album was put together.

'Lines' unlike the one before it is a newer track, once again it's a gentile song that sends you off into a love story with Lucy. Her amazing vocals just make this track, the guitars playing off her vocals and the gentle drums making this a great track to behold. 'Shiver' was always going to be a favourite of mine, even before I heard it I knew it was going to be stunning, and so it seems. This could so easily be the album closer, a love-felt break-up track that has Lucy at the top of her game, not much goes on in this song except some high vocals, amazing piano combining with the acoustic guitar just send you off into a lul. Just stunning!

A track that's been going around the internet for a while now, when we heard it back in 2010 I knew that this was going to be on the album, the song is so strong in ever area. 'Night Bus' just proves to us that artists can withhold amazing songs for years on end and release something truly stunning when called upon. 'Watch Over', now this track is playfully rhythmic finger-picking and Lucy’s dreamy vocals range through surprising shifts to climax in charged, not-so-sweet riff-strop.

'Bikes' is another song that's been given the single status, probably the strongest song off the album and it's also a live favourite. I'm so glad Lucy kept the magic from the demo and made the song even better for the album, as we move into the last few songs we're welcomed with 'Place' and 'Don't You Worry', they're both two amazingly slow songs that bring a nice gentle edge to the album, these two are both stunning in their own ways, with strings being played in 'Don't You Worry' you just have to admit Lucy Rose is one of the best musician in her genre!

'First' (ironically) is the penultimate song on the album, this is old Lucy Rose here, simple acoustic guitar tones open the song with it culminating into a burst of Indie magnificence, the rush at the end closes the song beautifully. 'Be Alright' closes the album so beautifully, I think we've found a new super-star here, Lucy makes this song sound like Adele isn't even trying, trying to beat her vocals on this one is a hard thing to do, thanks Lucy, this album has been worth the listen!

No wonder she sold out Heaven in London, with talent like this I knew the album would be amazing, and it looks like she has really performed on this occasion, this is the best we could've hoped for. Lucy Rose welcome to the big time!

Lucy Rose - Like I Used To
Out of 10: 9/10

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