EP Review... Peace - Delicious

Peace have released their 2nd ever official release, first we had the 'Follow Baby' 7" and now we have the eagerly awaited 'Delicious' EP. Find out what we made of it!

Ocean's Eye:
This sounds an awful lot grungier compared to their early stuff, but it's about progress after all! This song is far too short but it reminds me of the first time I hear 'Follow Baby', the song just hits you from the off and restores your faith in guitars. Peace know how to put a song together and the rest of the EP should be amazing based on this track!
Out of 10: 9/10

The track starts off with a fade in of pure noise, then it gives way to astonishing guitars similar to the old sound of Foals. vocals are so soulful, and the backing vocals give you goosebumps when listening to it, after the 'ooo' and 'ahhs' have gone they give way to the guitars again, and oh joy!
Out of 10: 9/10

California Daze:
California Daze is a love song for the 21st century, it sounds like the song has it's roots set in Surf-Rock as you can tell from the opening minute. The song doesn't go over the top yet it's a track that'll stay with you forever as I've found myself singing along to the track over and over again.
Out of 10: 10/10

To end the EP Peace have covered Binary Finary's trance classic '1998', they've recorded this special song for release. It's over 10 minutes long and is a great way to end the EP. It's an interesting song for the band to cover and it just shows what the guys are capable of. They've managed to pull of the cover of the
Out of 10: 8/10

Peace - Delicious EP
Out of 10: 9/10

If Peace keep this up their album is going to be one of the best of 2013, their sound is so infectious and long may they continue making music!

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