Introducing... Duologue

We're introducing a fantastic band from London today. Duologue are a five-piece who play some amazing electronic music, and as I am about to prove to you they certainly live up to expectations. The vocals are haunting yet reassuring and remind you of Clock Opera lead vocalist. They play on each other so well, as you can tell in their latest track 'Underworld', which is a glitchy track that's one of those tracks that grabs you from the off.

They've so far released a few demos and a couple of EP's and they're slowly but surely building a big fan-base up. Also to add to that they are about to release a double A-Side single, and for the Football fans inside of you they're going to feature on the new Fifa Football soundtrack. That should help propel them into the consciousness of the masses, they surely can be a big thing, just wait 12 months and see!

For fans of / Alpines, Clock Opera, Worship

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