Interview... with Deap Vally

After a series of highly successful summer U.K tour dates, which included a
dominating performance on the festival republic stage at Reading and Leeds
earlier this year, Deap Vally have certainly made a lasting impression with their
fierce brand of rock n’ roll. And with a forthcoming support slot for The Vaccines
in November, times are looking incredibly bright for the female L.A. duo.

Hey Girls, please could you tell us the story of how you two met and
what inspired you to make music?
Lindsey wandered into a crochet class I was teaching one fateful night. I
taught her single and double crochet, and she was a quick learner, and we
shared war stories of music projects past, and the rest is history.

Who would you cite as the band’s main musical influences and why?
Led Zeppelin cuz they are the masters of conjuring with rock. They are
heavy, simple, yet so tasty and tasteful and creative. And they are (were?)
sex gods.

You’ve been touring quite a lot recently, so please could you tell us
what your favourite ever show was and why?
Favourite show so far is probably the Rock En Seine Festival in Paris. There
were thousands of people there, and even though we were new to them, they
were so generous and fed us so much great energy. It was an exhilarating

What other artists/bands are you currently loving right now?
Black Angels, JUJU
What’s the local music scene like where you’re from in Los Angeles?
There are a million scenes in LA. Some bands we've loved playing with are
Nightmare and the Cat, JUJU, Gothic Tropic, the Vim Dicta, Alexandra and
the Starlight Band. Also-- there's this great sort of classic rock/ psych scene
starting to emerge at these Moon Block Party events. Really interesting,
inspiring bands like Dagha Bloom, Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel, and
Runson Willis and the Experimentalists.

I read somewhere that you originally started off as a three-piece but
lost the bassist when they were unavailable for touring, would you ever think about reversing this move or are you happy with how things are for the foreseeable future?
For now we are just a two headed dog. The day may come when we find the
most groovy, heaviest, most pockety lady bassist and really fuck shit up. But
only when the time is right and the prophecy says it is so.

And finally, could you tell us what your plans are for your d├ębut album?
Well, we just finished tracking it this month before we headed to CMJ! It will
be coming out early next year. Very very exciting. Hope you all love it!

My thanks go to Deap Vally and especially Joe Woods for interviewing the band.

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