Track of the week... Y LUV - Soothe

The Los Angeles band have a great blend of synth-edged dance-rock and slow burning vocals on show in their new 'EP'. The EP is called 'It Doesn’t Have To Make Sense' and it's been out since October 1st. The track we're going on about is called 'Soothe', it's the last song on the EP and gives you a something to really remember the band by.

The soulful vocals, the brilliant guitars and synths all remind you of WU LYF, but with better production on Y LUV's end. What's best is that the EP is on bandcamp as a pay-what-you-want deal. You can listen to the amazing track at the bottom of the post.  This band are really out to make a name for themselves, and they're doing just that!

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