Exclusive // These Brittle Bones - Flecks

After leaving us awe struck with his début single 'Anchor Bleed', These Brittle Bones are back with yet another amazing track to delve into and get lost in. We've got the exclusive on Chris' new track, 'Flecks'.

Chris said this about his up-coming release...
"This song symbolises change and sums up a lot of emotions I've been feeling lately. In a way, it's been a great release of old ideas and dark concepts so naturally, it feels right to put this out as the next single."

The piano and Chris' vocals just go well with each other, as they entwine the song develops into something to behold forever. The song was composed, written and performed by Chris Jones (These Brittle Bones) and recorded, mixed, and produced by Leonard Soosay at Snakeweed Studios.

The single will be released fully on this coming Monday, 5th November .

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