Single Review... Embers - Hollow Cage

We Introduced you to Embers way back in late 2011, and a year later they've released a limited 7" single and this absolutely stunning song, performed live - 'Hollow Cage'. And boy are your ears in for a treat!

Hollow Cage:
The track was performed in Gorton Monastery, a historic building just outside Manchester, which gives the track an added sound of emotional echoes within the old walls of the building. The track builds up from a guitar E-Bow sliding in between the strings and the choir. The vocals then rise over it all with guitar riffs echoing in the background. Still building the song gathers pace with the drums coming forth with power, the atmosphere I am witnessing within the track is just beyond words, amazing doesn't do it justice! I am honestly speechless with this SEVEN minute epic.
Out of 10: 10/10

Embers - Hollow Cage
Out of 10: 10/10

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