20 Dec 2012

Foals new album 'Holy Fire' - Preview

Foals have taken nearly three years to deliver the sequel to 'Total Life Forever', and lets be honest, it had to be a good one! February in 2013 marks their 3rd album, this has had much anticipation after they went quiet for a few months but it seems the lads are back to their finest.

We are now going to deliver a 'preview' of Foals latest album 'Holy Fire', and it starts (strangely) before 'Total Life Forever' was even a out.

This song was played live before the announcement of 'Total Life Forever' yet it never came to be a song on the album, nor a B-Side. Various band members have said it may appear on the next album, however, this might be a 50/50 chance considering that this new LP seems to be a bit more Rock than the last two. Still, you can give it a listen to here!

Inhaler/Jam @ Coachella :
2011 saw them play a select few festivals dotted around the globe, it also saw this 'Jam' played at Coachella. This later went on to be 'Inhaler', check it out below!

In November of 2012 was when we finally got the first full song of theirs from the new album, 'Inhaler', it was aired on Zane Lowe's Radio 1 show and this video was uplaoded the very next day. This is already out, and you can download it by pre-ordering 'Holy Fire' on iTunes.

My Number:
That same week was when the Oxford quintet played on Jools Holland for BBC 2, it was the first time the guys have played for a long time, however, they did not seem rusty at all and played this great number, you can watch their performance below and the studio version here too!

This is the intro song they play on their live shows, played for the first time in November this song has gone viral and has already got fans getting wet over it! It's a FOUR minute jam, but please god can they have it properly recorded!

In late November saw them go out on a very small tour, literally small, the venues were 200/300 capacity and this was the first time a couple of new songs got plays. Here sees Yannis open up a song with just vocals, reminiscent of Bloc Party's 'Where Is Home?'

Late Night:
This was yet another first, in mid December they played a session for Channel 4, recorded in Abbey Road studios this give you a great feel for what 'Holy Fire' may sound like. The dark brooding sound to it is just perfect, you can check it out below!

More added when we get them!

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