Gig Review... Lucy Rose @ Electrowerkz, London, 26th November 2012

After witnessing a rousing show at the Electric Brixton a few days before, I was lucky enough to find myself at this 80-ish crowd strong intimate show. Playing roughly the same setlist as the aforementioned gig with the exception of an encore – the pristine and perfect sound of her album are portrayed well enough to win more people over.

Due to the close proximity of the gig and the fact that it was basically a celebration of their efforts, the band feel no obvious pressure and among doing ‘stage dares’, they tell jokes and have a good time. Lucy herself claiming that she “doesn’t sound good because she has no guitar tech and has to use a stinky venue mic”, but actually it shows that she doesn’t even need such an “amazing mic” as her raw and true voice shines through.

By boldly turning off the PA and monitors to perform ‘The Fire’ completely acoustically, we see just why we love her and just how it all began by bringing back memories of simple solo guitar gentle poems that got her noticed. Although notably the gig was quite “weird” it was a chilled way to end the tour for them all and to maybe finally have a sit down and enjoy Lucy’s homemade tea and jam. After meeting her and having a chat, she gives away no hints to a new album or another tour. Time to relax for all, and with this album we are all able to.

Written by - Richard Maver

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