Sounds of 2013 - #3 - Swim Deep

With so many bands being hyped for 2013, I can't believe this amazing band from Birmingham slipped through the net of most of the lists. They their catchy Surf-Rock tracks on the world over the past 12 months and ever since we've been craving it over and over again!
"I wanna be everything I'm not, I wanna be rich I want to show off"

Now they've signed with RCA/Sony this year and the latest RCA signings have gone and recorded a laid-back road trip sound for their last single, hammering home at their increasing desire to be the coolest band in the country. 'Orange Country' is all sunshine pop, not fussed with sending fans into a frenzy and full of guitar laden punches!

They've only got signed with RCA so I can see them easily releasing an EP, or an album. A massive tour has already been penned in for the new year so you can be sure to see them when they stop by a town near you!

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