Introducing... Alarm Bells

Remember Dananananaykroyd? Well they've partially re-formed into a new band, this time called Alarm Bells. They've still got that funky feel to their songs, but this time with more of a heavy feel to it. Too good to be true? Well their début EP called 'Part One' features a 13 minute epic to get you going into a head-banging trance, easily filling up one whole side of their 12" single this song isn't to be messed around with!

Their live shows are second to none too, when we saw them support Bloc Party (back in June at Glasgow) they proved to us that they haven't lost that energy that has gained them so many die hard fans over the years. John Baillie Jnr is such a dominating figure when they play live, and I'm sure every single one of the crowd will appreciate how great these five chaps from Scotland are while on the live stage.

You can buy their début EP in the links below. 'Alarm Bells - Part One' is out now!

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