Kele Okereke takes to twitter to announce new Bloc Party songs

The front-man of Bloc Party (Kele) has been on twitter today responding to burning questions from fans. Questions included the annoying ones, however some fans were clever enough to ask about the latest new song to come out of the woodworks.

Sam_Glass of Soft Focus asked if they'd be releasing 'Little Red', into which Kele said that there would be more new songs being played on the current US tour! Kele then went on to say ...
"It's not called 'Little Red', it was supposed to be a 'red' herring and it was actually called 'Children of the Future' "
The smattering of new info was not over, he then divulged more song names (although this being Bloc Party they could change for no reason soon). 'X-Cutioner's Song', 'Montreal', 'Last Kiss', and Kele's new favourite, 'Ratchet'.

It's being thought that they'd be releasing an EP ready for the European festivals, but we shall see! You can listen to 'Children of the Future' below!