Track of the week... As Elephants Are - Lucifer

We brought you this track last week as one of the 'Daily Downloads', but since we posted about them I have been playing this track constantly! The song reminds you of recent The Maccabees material, which is not a bad thing, nor is it boring as they put their own spin on things. If anything I'm even confident enough to say that this song is better than anything off 'Given To The Wild', it's certainly in the same genre but it knocks every other song out of the park.

What's even more amazing is that this song is actually the B-Side of the single, the single is not out until 8th of March, but with urgency and amazing catchy hooks I can easily see them doing great things based on this song! This will just build on the success of their d├ębut single 'War Cry', which became an instant blog hit as well becoming a regular on XFM's playlist and Amazing Radio's A-List, reaching #3 on the Amazing Radio Charts! We just have to bow down an accept the magnificence of this track, As Elephants Are, thank you!

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