15 Feb 2013

Gig Review... Kodaline @ The Portland Arms, Cambridge, 12th February 2013

When Kodaline announced towards the end of last year that they would be coming to Cambridge we couldn't believe it. It's always a nice surprise to get an email from a PR group saying that the band you've been into for a while is coming to your home town. As such, they came to The Portland Arms, which is once again becoming a Mecca for new acts to grace.

After a couple of solo acts it was finally time for the big event, Kodaline worked their way from the 'green room' at the back of the venue through lots of eager fans and stepped up to a round of applause. Opening with my personal favourite just drew me in from the off, "Lose Your Mind" was just the perfect start to what went on to be a gig highlight of the year!

They then went into "Pray" a track off their d├ębut EP they worked t stheir way into a new song called "One Day". As this was new, the crowd was completely stunned and you could see the band lapping up the smiles that were coming off the punters faces. After that was the highlight of everyone's night, "High Hopes". The new single gave everyone the chance to sing-a-long with the band. Creating an atmosphere of love and togetherness, this was easily the best song performed on the night, as it did sound like you were listening to it on your headphones.

Two more new songs came after the applause of the previous song, with the lead singer changing to a Mandolin "Love Like This" and "All Comes Down To You" had more of a Folk feel to them rather what we're use to. None the less this was a tremendous showcase of what their new album might sound like. They ended up the night on playing two of their biggest songs "The Answer",the slow gentle song and then it lead into "All I Want", which once again had a vocal crowd singing-a-long.

It certainly was a fantastic night of live music, Kodaline loved, I loved it, Cambridge loved it and we all had smiles afterwards. I'd URGE you to see them on their next tour, missing them has to be a sin. They will be huge, I know it, so make sure you catch them in a nice intimate venue before its too late!

Kodaline played:
Lose Your Mind
One Day
Perfect World
High Hopes
Love Like This
All Comes Down To You
The Answer
All I Want

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